Sabtu, Jun 04, 2011


Dear. Jang Moo-ryeong
Sorry to ask and confirm that from you.

Did you receive my essay title   POEM AND I: FROM BIRTHPLACE, DESIRE AND AIMS By MARSLI N.O  ?

I ask that for confirm because I didn’t see any part of my essay  reading in that schedule.

Sorry about this question to you. I hope you don’t angry  to me for that my “stupid” question. I’m only want to confirm about this paper if you receive or not and not for the essay reading.

I’m worry a lot if you don’t receive my paper about that.

Thanks for everything.

Marsli N.O

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Dear. Marsli N O

I am very sorry if the schedule we set upset you. We got your essay well, and your essay is  in the book that we have made for the festival.

We settled the schedule to Asean poets to read two times. We thought your poems are great to be read out loud. So we set your poem reading time in Festival eve, and the Night of Asean Poets 1 which we put our most effort on, considerer most important times among festival events.

We absolutely think your essay is also great as your poems, but we thought it would be great honor if we could hear your voice reading your poems.

We apologize if we have made you feel uncomfortable and angry.
Thank you

Jang Moo-ryeong
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 8:49 AM

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